Why use PayPal with MonsterJungle for accepting recurring payments ?

With the ubiquity of online payments, more than 200 million global users leverage PayPal to accept online payments.

Holding over 35% of the global payment volume, PayPal seconds as a favorite payment method. Gain real value that offers a solution that scales with you with Monsterjungle. Equip users with more freedom of choice, where they can pay with their PayPal, debit or credit card, or bank account.

Accepting Recurring Payments from PayPal

PayPal makes sure you get paid instantly while ensuring the payment experience works with every customer, every time.

PayPal Express Checkout

Broader Customer Base: Card payments aren’t always favored. With PayPal, reach out to users across 200+ global markets. Setting this as an added payment method on your checkout page translates to access to over 200 million global users.

Buyer Protection with Billing Agreement Feature: Get your customers to pre-authorize your business for their recurring payments with a Billing Agreement. With PayPal’s Instant Payment Notification (IPN) feature, get instantly notified of transaction events in Monsterjungle.

Transparent pricing: No setup, termination or monthly fees. Not only that, PayPal charges a fixed fee for standard transactions based on the currency and if it’s received from the US or outside the US.