ProAds Online Advertising Network Script


Version 2.8.0

Earn money by starting your own Online Advertising Network, just like Adsense! Allow publishers to earn money from ther websites, and keep a share of the profit. ProAds includes a complete publisher and advertiser system, campaigns, referrals, withdrawals, PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin(CoinPayments) & 2Checkout(Visa Card, MasterCard, American Express…), reCAPTCHA integration and much more!

How to update your current version? Update are easy! Just follow this steps :

>> When you see an alert about updating .
1 => Click that link in alert.
2 => Go to Codester >> Downloads >> ProAds script (Download our new version).
3 => Extract our version in your PC than go folder >> updates >>
4 => Now Back to Update form & Upload



  • Ability to customize color of theme and home page
  • Ability to Integrate codes in Front Head/footer/After Body Tag.
  • Ability to Use Google Recaptcha Protection against bots.
  • Specific Statistics about Users/publishers/advertisers Actions.
  • Advanced Reports For Campaigns .
  • Advanced Referral Systeme For Publishers.
  • Three Types of Campaigns (Popups,Banners,Direct).
  • Announcements System To notify Publishers/Advertisers.
  • Deposits Methods such as (Paypal,Bitcoin,Payza,2Checkout).



  • PHP 7 +
  • mod_rewrite module enabled (Apach 2.4)
  • CURL
  • OpenSSL



How To Install:

1.Upload ZIP FILES to your host and unzip

2.Open Your website & Complete Installation

3.Create Admin Profile, That’s it!

Update 1.0.1 10/03/2018

– Fix some bugs.

– fixed Coinpayments error response.

– fixed Banner image.

– fixed database issues.

Update 1.0.2 17/03/2018

– fixed coinpayments issues.

– Admin can leave bitcoin address blank or fill it in Payments methods.

– fixed ads problems when advertiser select by country or device.

– fixed Paypal, 2checkout problems.

Update 1.0.3 20/03/2018

– Fixed bugs related to Currency.

– Added a Bank Transfer system.

– Added a Bank Transfer system for withdrawals.

– Added a SMTP mail option.

– Fixed terms & privacy & rules pages.

– Fixed PopUp ads links.

– Fixed Banners / Direct Ads links.

– Fixed bugs creating default ads in admin panel.

Update 1.0.4 27/03/2018

– Fixed problem charge user when mark as paid in invoices.

– Fixed referral page when disable referrals.

– Admin Can edit announcements.

– Added a logo with link to banner text.

– Fixed Orders calucation.

– Make script loading faster.

– Added 120×600 banner size.

– Added 200×200 banner size.

– Added 125×125 banner size.

– Added pie charts for referrers clicks and countries clicks //publishers & advertisers area

– Fixed publisher profile selecting withdrawal option.

Update 2.0.0 24/04/2018

1. Changed all queries for database functions.

2. Strong security against database injection & strong security against bots.

3. Anti cheat – referrals system or generating views and clicks.

4. Ability to set multiple countries or set All countries.

5 Ability to edit campaigns.

6. Ability to edit publishers zones.

7.Ability to Allow disallow specific categories by publishers

8. Ability to mark any campaign as gambling,nudity,shady,risk investment

9.Make reports more easy to show and see fraud views , referrer domains , countries.

10.Edit  Announcements , add    Announcements , set published or not.

11. Ability to edit users balances & advertisers balances.

12. Fixed text ad not listed separately

13. Fixed bugs related to deposits checkouts

14. New Theme For FREE!

15. Added Charts for views & clicks

Update 2.1.0 | 09/05/2018

fixed charts conflecting in publisher area

Add ability to get code link in deffrents protocols

Add ability to change currency of coinpayments checkout

Fixed some problems in updating proccess

Update 2.4.0 | 15/09/2018

Add ability to Add/Delete Categories

Add ability to target By Categories

Show brand icon into banner images

Add new withdrawal methd ‘FaucetHub’

Fixed Bugs in installtion

Update 2.7.0 | 15/09/2018

Fixed Bugs in installtion

Fixed Bugs with mailer

changed dead links

Update 2.8.0 | 18/03/2018

* Anti cheat system against VPN/PROXY and IFRAMES for direct links

* Reports for publishers

* Adding custom themes without any issue

* Fixing many bugs that was reported by our clients

* Adding HTML/JS code for only default campaigns wich are created from Admin Area

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Compatible browsers

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari,Opera

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