MultiScraper v1.0 – X-Cart Module


MultiScraper is the software for automatic bulk product upload from any big market directly into your X-Cart store.

We developed this application in such a way that creation of large high-grade store with lots of categories and products has become a matter of several weeks or even days.


MultiScraper will grab all products you need step by step (product by product) and insert them into your X-Cart store.

able to process both listing urls and lists of separate product urls.

is fully configurable, so it will process as intensive as you want.


  • Capacity. This software is html web scraper, the web scraping is not the easy process. You have to have quite strong server to be able to grab products from another marketplaces in big range. MultiScraper may not process properly at Free Web Hosting areas, cheap hosting plans (or may be used at cheap servers to grab low numbers of products from simple marketpaces like focalprice), servers with strongly limited resources, etc. Be sure that your server abilities allow to use MultiScraper before purchasing it. Please, DO NOT purchase this software if you have weak server with unstable internet connection!
  • About Performance. You have to realize that MultiScraper  will not do WHOLE JOB TO FILL IN THE STORE for you. Sometimes you will need to adjust the collected material, make some corrections by hands etc. We do not guarantee that you will get ready-to-use store with 1 000 000 of products in one click. Remember, this is not the Magic wand, this is just helper which makes the filling of your store much faster and more convenient.
  • About Stability. For several reasons MultiScraper may stop grabbing content from certain websites. Content grabbing is unstable process a-priory. If the problem remains after you will upgrade this software – let us know on the support email (see below). We always try to find the solution ASAP.
  • Unlimited number of tasks ( instructions for grabbing products from other big ecommerce website ).
  • Unlimited categories and products grabber (you may define several Listings or product’s lists in one task.  Also you may define several categories of your store where the grabbed products will be inserted).
  • Whole listing or category scraping in one task.
  • Ability to switch ON/OFF any task (like you press “Pause” when watching the movie).
  • define separate folder for product’s images grabbed by each particular task.
  • define if you need the images in the product description be uploaded to your server or leave them as external links (may be useful if you are trying to save the disk space when grabbing too many products).
  • Auto updating all grabbed products (after the MultiScraper grabbed and inserted the products in your store, it will periodically update these products – will check if the price or stock status or attributes of some product were changed).
  • Data capacity: up to 10000 products grabbed/daily ( depending on your server’s abilities ). NOTE: “up to” does not mean that we gurantee 10000 products grabbed from ANY donor market and on ANY server. Some markets are extremely hard for grabbing (examples are,, etc) so it will be good if you will be able to grab at least 1000 products daily from them. Another ones are vice versa: very friendly to the bots that are collecting data from other websites – MultiScraper will grab thousands of products from them without any problems.
  • PROXY server’s support ( Ability to define your own proxy servers list and MultiScraper will grab products through these servers – may be very usefull if the donor market blocked your domain while intensive grabbing or you just want to hide your Domain/IP from the donor markets).
  • Built-in interface for monitoring the MultiScraper’s processing (Log’s section).
  • User-friendly interface to create and edit tasks for MultiScraper.
  • Wide range of other settings.
  • X-Cart store installed



Online Documentation: Installation and Usage instructions

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Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari,Opera

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