CMS 2020 in comparison: the 7 best platforms (Open Source)

Giugno 2, 2021

Comparison of CMS in 2020: the most popular systems for content management

In order to attract as many visitors as possible and keep them on your website, you need engaging content. Texts, images, videos and graphics offer not only added value for the reader and the user, but are also recorded positively by the search engines. Obviously this content must be managed, published, updated and presented correctly. A job that, especially if it is a large website, could be disproportionate without the help of an adequate content management system (CMS) . We present an overview of the most important requirements of a CMS and to follow a comparison between the best known open source solutions on the market.  Keep reading…

Market share of the various CMS (updated in February 2020):

CMS Market share
WordPress 62.6%
Joomla! 4.4%
Shopify 3.6%
Drupal 2.9%
Squarespace 2.6%
Wix 2.3%
Bitrix 1.6%
Blogger 1.6%
Magento 1.4%
PrestaShop 1.0%
OpenCart 0.9%
TYPO3 0.7%
Weebly 0.6%
Adobe Dreamweaver 0.5%
FrontPage 0.4%

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