Frequently asked questions

What is included in support for my purchase?

When you purchase an item on Monsterjungle you receive support from the author of the article you purchased. You will be able to ask the author for support up to 6-12 months after purchase (if provided). You can ask for assistance by leaving a message in the support section on the page of the article you purchased.

The author should be able to give you support within 2 business days after your request. If this is not the case, please contact Monsterjungle support. We will see if we can help you. 

What is not included in support is:  (if provided)

           1. Installation of the item.

           2. Configuration of the environment the item has to work on.

           3. Support for third-party software. 

           4. Installation of any demo data.

How do I receive support for my purchase?

We are sorry to hear you have problems with your purchase. 

To receive support please leave a message in the support section on the page of the item you have bought. The author of the item should be able to solve your problem within 2 business days. 

If the seller is not able to respond within 2 business days, please contact Monsterjungle support. We will then step in and try to help you find a solution or refund your purchase if the item is not working as advertised. 

How do I apply for a refund?

If you want to apply for a refund, please follow the following steps:

  1.     1. Post a message with a detailed description of the problem in the  support section of the item.
  2.     2. Please give the author 2 business days to reply.
  3.     3. If author has not replied within 2 business days, you can open  a refund request. 

You can do this by first logging in. Then opening the user menu by clicking on your avatar in the top right corner and selecting Order History.

I received an error “error processing your payment”, what does this mean?

Your payment has not been able to complete. There are many reasons why this can happen. 

Unfortunately it is difficult to solve, because most of the time your payment is being blocked by an external party. For example a payment provider. 

If you see this error you don't have to worry about any money being transferred. No payment has been made.

What licenses are there?

Regular License

A regular license allows an item to be used in one project for either personal or commercial use by you or on behalf of a client. The item cannot be offered for resale either on its own or as part of a project. Distribution of source files is not permitted.

Extended License

An extended license allows an item to be used in unlimited projects for either personal or commercial use. The item cannot be offered for resale "as-is". It is allowed to distribute/sublicense the source files as part of a larger project.

My item has been rejected, what now?

Even the best authors get an item rejected at some time. 

Your item can be soft-rejected or hard-rejected.

Soft-rejected: means your item has been rejected, but can make it to the marketplace by making a few changes to the item.

Hard-rejected: Means your item is not suitable for to be sold on Monsterjungle as it is. Just a few changes are not enough to get the item approved. The item requires some drastic changes or additional features to make a chance to be suitable to be sold on the Monsterjungle marketplace. Some products are not suitable at all to be sold on the Monsterjungle marketplace.

If your item is hard-rejected don't try to upload it again with just a few changes. On the other hand of your item is soft-rejected it shouldn't be a problem to make some changes to get it approved. 

If your item gets rejected you will receive feedback. Here are the most common reasons you will receive when your item gets rejected:

Icon and preview image do not meet quality requirement

If you submit your item, please make sure you include quality images. These include a icon 80x80 and a preview image 361x230 and a Screenshots 750x430. Don't stretch images to fit these dimensions. Also make sure you take the time to create professional looking images that represent your product. Have a look at other successful items on the Monsterjungle marketplace if you do not know where to start. 

No documentation included

Always make sure you have your documentation included. You will have to fully resubmit your item if this happens, so make sure it is all there.

Main file is not a .zip file

Make sure your main file is a .zip file and not a .rar file. If somebody purchases an item they should be able to open the archive without having to install any external programs. You will have to resubmit your item. 

Demo contain CTA links to purchase the item elsewhere

If you provide a demo of your product, you can also have a CTA link to buy the product elsewhere. Although this entails selling your product elsewhere.

No Demo link or screenshots included

Themes and HTML templates require at least screenshots or a demo link to be able to be listing on Monsterjungle. We do this because is crucial for the buyer to know what he is buying.

You don't have the right to sell this item

You are trying to sell other people's work as your own. If this is with bad intension this will result in a ban from Monsterjungle.

Item is not suitable for sale

This is a hard-reject. Either the quality of the item is not good enough or the item is not suitable to be sold on the Monsterjungle marketplace. In the first case some major changes are required to have a chance of getting your item listed. Please don't try to resubmit your item again with just a few changes.

How can I update my item?

You can update your item by going to your item's page and select "edit" from the item menu. Then select "files & tags" file the side menu.

You can then upload a new main .zip file. After uploading the new .zip file, the update will first be reviewed before the update will be published. This normally takes 1-2 business days.

How can I withdraw earnings from my account?

After logging in to your Monsterjungle account, go to: user menu -> Withdrawal .

Here you select how you would like to withdraw your earnings from your account. As indicated on the withdrawal page. 

If you do not see the option Withdrawal in your user menu this is because you are not an author yet. You can become an author by uploading your first item.

How much do I receive when I refer a customer?

When you send a customer to Monsterjungle with the help of your affiliate link and receive from 1% to 6% of the total value of any of his purchases.

Our branch tracking cookie lasts 90 days. You will receive a commission from all customers who sign up within 90 days after clicking on the affiliate links.

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